Secundum Naturam Vivere

Rubén Darío Palacio

I’m a biologist from the tropical and megadiverse country of Colombia. The stoics motto above resumes my philosophy of live: To live in accordance to nature. My interest in the phenomena of life is ultimately spiritual. Human-only interactions are especially boring to me. Add it a few birds, plants and insects to the mix, and you will have the experience of your life. Guaranteed.

To me, the environmental crisis we are facing right now is the most pressing and urgent challenge in decades to come, and with my work I want to contribute  to solve this issue. I’ve chosen to follow this heart-centered path with all my energies, because is something worth to live and die for.

I have a strong ethical drive, and embark upon every project with a sense of honesty and justice. I won’t do wrong to achieve any gains, and won’t sell my opinions for a promotion. I’m not interested in peer recognition, a tenureship, or achieving yearly quota of publications, although this things can come spontaneously during my career. I talk here about restoration and conservation because i have worked and lived this kind of projects myself.

Research Interests

I'm interested in developing integrated and predictive frameworks using bottom-up approaches from empirical data to solve ecological problems in the real world.

My research focuses on studying community structure and species interactions that provide the vital link to to scale up solutions to the ecological and landscape levels, while at the same time incorporating an evolutionary perspective that contributes to build a coherent and encompassing body of usable knowledge for our world.

Ecological networks